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anthony1254   in reply to BobyB   on


What up. lets talk.

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anthony1254   in reply to Heavy   on

new invention, need help with funding

We need to talk. Take a look at my page and tell me what you think. Lets help each other. Weca do this.

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anthony1254   in reply to anthony1254   on

About anthony1254

 in response to gwayne...   

You can go directly to my website to view my invention and leave me a ,essag.

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anthony1254   in reply to Inventor   on

About Inventor

I think we need to start doing things for ourselve by findig the right people to put our product in their hands. We all need to find manufactures for each orher and post them on our blog. Every time we seek help from someone or an orgainazation that are asking for money that we do not have. Let's work togather.

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anthony1254   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

 in response to Katt76...   

I can't help you but I feelyour pain. I to are in a hurtful situation.


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anthony1254   in reply to Swan   on

About Swan

what organization are you with.

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About anthony1254

I am an inventor and I love to invent things that makes the world a better place. When you love to do something there is great joy of doing just that. I have spent all of my money on this invention and I don't have a dime left. I need help! If someone out there can help me with money or tell someone about the invention that can help me put it on the market please help.

All of these companys just want money from the inventor.What we need to do is create an inventors blog that is just for inventors where we can cry on each others shoulders and find ways to help ourselves.

We need to finds ways to do for ourselves. Come to gather and build our own website to show case our product for free. And we need to draw manufactures attention to our mission. Can anyone help me with do that?

I am ready to do something about the problem. We spent all of our money to invent something to make America a better place than we become  broke and helpless. Let's help each other.

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